Castor Oil Packs: The Oil That Heals

Dec 26, 2023

Guided by the teachings of Edgar Cayce, many health care practitioners have had great success in using castor oil packs as a cleansing tool. One physician, Dr. William McGarey MD, wrote a book about the benefits of castor oil. In his book entitled “The Oil That Heals”, Dr. McGarey looks at 81 case studies from his clinical practice. He stated “Of all the therapies I have used in my practice of medicine, I have never found any that surpasses castor oil in its usefulness, its healing qualities, and its scope of therapeutic application.”  
How it Works
One key factor leading to disease is poor lymphatic drainage. The lymph system is the body’s drainage system and if not working properly, cellular waste and toxins can build up in the body. Creating a fast, easy flowing river is the optimal goal to good health.
In a number of studies conducted by Dr. McGarey, he found a considerable increase in lymphocyte production in patients using abdominal castor oil packs. The prime responsibility of lymphocytes is to carry out the activities of the immune system.  This increased lymphocyte activity speeds up the removal rate of toxins in the body and the rate at which healing can occur.
Dr. McGarey also had patients use local applications of castor oil for injuries and inflammations.  He explains that when a pack is placed on an injury, inflammation or infection, toxins are removed from the tissue in that area, which results in the cellular tissue being better equipped to promote healing.  Using heat, along with the castor oil pack, promotes increased circulation and lymphatic flow.
Castor oil is known for its effectiveness in treating gastrointestinal problems, its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties, and as a stimulant for the lymphatic and immune systems. Research is currently being conducted for other medical applications.
Instructions for Using Castro Oil Packs

  1. Use 3 to 4 layers of flannel approximately 12 inches in width and 14 inches in length. (Please contact us if you wish to order the flannel compress and flannel insert. They are made from organic cotton and are free of fire-retardant chemicals.)
  2. Saturate the flannel with hexane-free castor oil (make sure the cloth is well saturated but not dripping)
  3. Place the cloth on the right side of the abdomen so that it covers the liver down to the cecum (lower part of the ascending colon)
  4. Place plastic wrap over the flannel (the oil will stain clothing), wear a t-shirt or pyjama top over top of the plastic. Apply heat with a hot water bottle or heat pack.  (An electric heating pad is not recommended because of the damaging EMF’s.) Cover with a towel over the heating pad to keep the heat inward.
  5. Keep the castor oil pack on for at least 1 to 1 ½ hours
  6. After removal of the pack, cleanse the skin with a baking-soda solution (two teaspoons of baking soda to a quart of water). This will clean off the toxins expelled through the pores.
  7. Use the abdominal packs cyclically: three days on and four days off. 
  8. You can re-use the same pack many times, applying new castor oil each time. When it becomes yellowish with the toxins, it can be laundered and ready for more use.

Caution: Do not use heat with bleeding, bruising, or on tumors of any kind.

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