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Health House is a centre for holistic health, nutrition, and healing.

Achieve optimal health, which starts from the inside out.

Explore, discover, and educate yourself on how to achieve and maintain total physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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At Health House, we take a fresh approach to nutrition and health. Our mission is to move our clients beyond surviving, to thriving, by guiding and educating them towards a life of complete and total health. 

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Discover our full range of holistic health programs, tools, and services. Our experts will assess your current issues and concerns and develop a custom program designed to help you achieve total health and vitality.

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The 5 Underlying Causes of ILLNESS

Health House is a centre that educates its Clients through holistic nutrition and healing. 

Certified Cancer Practitioner Course

This live webinar/home study course examines the possible causes of cancer and its links to diet, lifestyle and environment, with an in depth look at current medical treatments, natural treatments and preventative strategies. This is a very extensive training that will provide practitioners with every resource available to make a difference and to empower clients diagnosed with cancer  This is a Cancer Education course for Health Practitioners, contact us directly to see if you are eligible to attend.

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Live Cell Microscopy Training

Health House offers the most comprehensive Live Cell Microscopy training worldwide. Live Cell Microscopy (LCM) allows both the practitioner and the client to look at the cells and the terrain that they are bathed in. Our course offers 4 full days of training, taught by certified instructors, through live webinar instruction. This course teaches everything needed to incorporate Live Cell Microscopy into your practice. The course is available to students and certified health practitioners. Read the full course description.

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