The Benefits of Juicing

The Benefits of Juicing

By now you know that 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables daily is recommended for good health. Eating enough fruits and vegetables can provide you with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital for a healthy diet. People who eat more fruits and vegetables are likely to enjoy a reduced risk of chronic diseases and live a healthier more energized life. While 10-12 servings may seem like a lot, fresh squeezed juicing is an easy way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet on a daily basis while gaining important health benefits. Make sure produce is free of chemicals, as you will be concentrating the ingredients with fresh juicing.

Eat the Rainbow

We now know that eating foods that represent all colors of the rainbow is a good way to gain the health benefits we need from food, and fresh juicing is a convenient way to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Phytonutrients, the natural chemical compounds that are found in plants, protect us against disease. These phytonutrients give fruits and vegetables their color, and each color group provides specific phytonutrients as well as minerals and vitamins. For example, red foods are typically beneficial for heart health, greens are for bones and teeth, and yellow can prevent illnesses.

Easy Digestion

Fresh squeezed juicing can aid in the digestion of vegetables and help you absorb important nutrients. Many people suffer from an impaired digestive system that can result from making poor food choices over the years. Ingesting your vegetables in fresh juice form has the benefit of allowing your body to get the most out of your food, instead of having nutrients pass right through your system.

Balancing your PH Levels

As many people now know, maintaining a balanced PH level within your body is an important aspect of health. An acidic body breads dis-ease, while an alkaline body naturally maintains a state of health. As we know, the foods we eat influence our body’s PH levels, which is why juicing is so great. Juicing allows us to easily balance our PH levels naturally and easily by adding lots of rich green vegetables, such as kale, cucumber, spinach as well as lemon, garlic and ginger which also will naturally balance your bodies PH levels.

Juice Plus+, the Ultimate Juicing Choice

While fresh squeezed juicing in general is an easy way to get your fruits and vegetables, there is an even easier choice. Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition that is a juice powder concentrate bursting with the antioxidants and nutrients of more than 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains to enhance your diet and save you time. Juice Plus+ is created from top quality ingredients and carefully monitored for quality control from farm to capsule. Juice Plus+ is also available in a soft, chewable form for convenient nutrition.

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