Happy New Year!!

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We wish you all the best of health, happiness, magic and love in 2016!

Thank you for your trust and faith in our support and allowing us to play a part in your journey along the path to greater health. Knowing that we have helped each and every one of our clients even in the smallest way brings us great satisfaction and the commitment to be here for you.

As the New Year begins many of us have made resolutions and set our sights on what we want to accomplish this year. Often this is a fairly long and challenging list of changes. Sometimes we set such high goals without an actual plan that it is almost impossible to achieve and we give up before the first month is over.

May we suggest another option to starting to achieve your goals?

Remember making changes and reaching a goal is a step by step process just like when we were younger and learning to walk. Yes we had to learn to pull ourselves up first and hold on to something, then we let go and fell down many times before even taking that first step on our own and next thing we knew we were off and running forgetting about how it all began and what we had to go through first.

So this year how about staring with one simple change, the first rung on the ladder rather than looking up all the way to the top. Finding the right place to start can be confusing. Should I start with my diet, should it be exercise, maybe I should meditate on this…

We cannot function at our best when we are dehydrated. So let’s start here.

Water is the pillar of all life forms. It is the beginning and the end of a life cycle. Our life and our health as well as the life and the health of our planet are completely dependent up water. All life forms on the Earth come from the primal oceans.

Water is required by every metabolic function in the body. It is needed for digestion and the transportation of nutrients, respiration, the functioning and repair of all organs, glands and tissues including regulating body temperature and the osmotic pressure of the cells.

The skin needs water to be soft and supple not dry and wrinkled. Vision can be affected if the eyeballs are dehydrated. Do you ever feel your eyes are dry? Joint and muscle pain is inflammation. The joints and muscles must be properly hydrated with water to help reduce the inflammation. Fungal problems on the feet/nails stem from a fungal growth in the intestines and an acidic metabolism. This acidic environment creates ideal conditions that promote the growth of fungus in other areas.

We need water to dilute acids and toxins allowing for the proper elimination though the bowel and kidneys. The kidneys are our most important detoxification organ. They filter our blood while extracting pollutants. It is essential to drink liberal quantities of water low in minerals and non-carbonated. Here we are referring to pure clean water, not tea, coffee, pop or fruit juice.

Beyond the physical realm, water is responsible for our consciousness because it empowers our thought process, feelings and moods. Water is the carrier of all physical and mental or non-physical information.

Now we see how one simple change can evolve into many changes.

How much water should I drink? At least half your body weight of purified water (distilled or reverse osmosis). A quick calculation: your weight (150lbs ¸2 = 75¸8 = 9 eight oz’s glasses of water or 2.25 litres per day). It is also beneficial to add some fresh squeezed lemon or a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt to a glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Additional amounts of water may be required if you are physically active and producing a lot of sweat. It is best to sip water throughout the day rather gulping large amounts at one time. Make this change your focus for the rest of the month. Cheers!

Keep track and soon you will notice some great changes.



The Secret to Perfect Health

“We need to appreciate what the body is. It is “biological clothing for the spirit.” It is programmed to wear out. It is temporary. There are choices we make regarding how quickly this happens. Your body loves you unconditionally. It will do everything you ask it to, to the best of its ability.” What have you done for it lately?

The Secret – to love it back unconditionally – listen to it; it’s very wise.

Shortcut “If I loved my body unconditionally, what would I do in this situation?”

We love our children and our pets. We wouldn’t think of giving them poison or harming them in any way. It is important to direct this same attention and love to ourselves.

By David Rowland.


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