Juice Plus+«

  Juice Plus+® Health House is a proud promoter of Juice Plus+®, a supplement, which provides the body with ample whole food fruit and vegetable servings.  What is Juice Plus+®? Juice Plus+® is a great way to increase your intake of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+® is the most heavily researched and clinically proven multi vitamin available. It includes concentrates from 17 different fruits, vegetab...

Tower Garden®

Tower Garden«

Health House is a proud promoter of Tower Garden®, a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies – any relatively sunny place outside. We even had our tower garden growing in our office space all winter. You can grow anything that grows above the soil in a third of the time that it takes in soil.  How Does It Work? Unlike hydroponics, aeroponics uses no growing medium. Wat...

GIA Wellness Products

GIA Wellness

GIA Wellness has pioneered a bio-friendly way to help us deal with the cumulative stress of living in today's hectic, electronic, and wireless environment. All GIA devices are "Inspired Energy" products with the proprietary subtle energy technology ERT´┐Ż and patented giaplex´┐Ż noise field technology. Products have been tested and validated by Dr. Howard Fisher & Dr. Igor Smirnov in the book.

The Dispensary - Nutritional Supplements

The Dispensary

Welcome to the health house online dispensary! We are proud to now offer our superior line of supplements, nutritional aids and products both in house and online. Our online dispensary is easy to use and conveniently delivers your favourite products straight to your door.

ASEA & Redox Signaling


  ASEA is not just natural. It’s native.   ASEA is composed of the same molecules that live in the cells of the human body. It is trillions of stable, balanced Redox Signaling Molecules, held in an immaculate saline solution. Unknown to many, Redox Signaling is central to the function of all life; without these molecules we would die in seconds.  These molecules, which are produced within each and every one of the body&r...