GIA Wellness Products

GIA Wellness Products

Our job at Health House is to educate you and to empower you to take control of your environment and well-being. In today’s environments with lots of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), the stress of this acts as an age accelerator. These EMF’s damage our cells and immune system and affect our body’s natural resistance to negative influences. We at Health House recommend protecting you and your family with the following devices.

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Why GIA Wellness products? 
You'll discover a renewed sense of well-being, and a calming peace of mind.       

GIA Wellness has pioneered a bio-friendly way to help us deal with the cumulative stress of living in today's hectic, electronic, and wireless environment. All GIA devices are "Inspired Energy" products with the proprietary subtle energy technology ERT™ and patented giaplex™ noise field technology. Products have been tested and validated by Dr. Howard Fisher & Dr. Igor Smirnov in the book,

Molecular Resonance Effect Technology: The Dynamic Effects on Human Physiology, Britannia Printers Inc., Toronto, ON, 2008.

Products we recommend:

GIAlife Pendant 

The GIAlife Pendant provides you with a body-worn, bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday stressors from electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Make sure you wear this when in airplanes. With the pendant's unique energy enhancement qualities, you’ll never have jet-lag again!
Here’s what a Health House client said about wearing his pendant in his IT work environment that was making him sick and tired everyday:
“I wear the pendant every day until I go to bed. I have the plug-in Home/Work Harmonizer at my desk at work, need another one for home. I have noticed that I no longer feel sleepy in the afternoon anymore. It was getting to the point that I would be sitting at my desk at work and would just fall asleep, even if I got a decent night’s sleep (7hours +). Now unless I am sleep deprived this doesn’t happen anymore. Awesome is all I can say…”

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Home and Office Harmonizer:
The GIA Harmonizer is the result of intensive research and development in the fields of bioenergetics and electro-sensitivity. This innovative device simply and effectively creates an energetically harmonious environment in your home and office. It’s small enough to carry with you when you travel; plug it in and feel better instantly!

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Cell Phone Guard:
The GIA Cell Guard works on a Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Bluetooth or PDA giving you the protection and peace of mind you deserve. The GIA Cell Guard neutralizes the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation and is designed to strengthen the body's resilience to stress at the same time. Cell Guard:
  • Is made in the USA by a military defense contractor!
  • Works on any device make and model!
  • Is the only patented product of its kind in the world!
  • Is not available in stores!
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Universal Guard for electrical appliances:
Attach the revolutionary GIA Universal Guard to common household and office devices. It provides your first line of defense against electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It actively works to neutralize the effects of your exposure to EMR, as well as strengthen the body's resilience to stress, at the same time. 

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