Time to stop by the Health House and pick up your Flu Prevention Kit


It’s that time of year again!

Time to stop by the Health House and pick up your Flu Prevention Kit! BE PREPARED!!

We have put together a flu prevention kit to help strengthen your immune system to stave off the viruses that will be in the air. This kit can also be used to help fight off symptoms and effects so you can get back to normal quicker and enjoy the holidays.

We can’t always avoid the flu and in fact getting the flu is a means of building your resistance to current viruses. The flu shot is actually created in the early spring and based on the virus from the previous year, not to mention the load of toxins that are being injected, with the potential for neurological damage.

A butterfly must put up the fight to free itself from the cocoon. This stimulation is required as part of its development in order for it start its new life. If we open the cocoon and help the butterfly to get out it will not survive. The same is true for our immune system. It must also have exposure to stimulate the immune system and create antibodies to the viruses that are in the air. Viruses come into the body through the nasal passages, the lungs, the ears and the mouth. Once the virus is detected the immune system as on opportunity to response and build its defense. When the virus is injected directly into the blood stream the immune system cannot build its defence in the normal and natural way.

The best way to avoid the flu is by choosing healthy options in our diet and lifestyle.

Build your immune system with a diet that includes plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, and give yourself good supplies of omega-3 and 6 foods like fish, flaxseed and coconut oils. Avoid junk food with its high salt / sugar and nasty trans-fats. These will weaken your immune system. It is important to have around 15-20 minutes a day of direct sunlight (without sunglasses) to maintain vitamin D3 levels. Many people get colds and flu because of a lack of sunlight during winter. Get regular exercise and fresh air. Wash your hands often to avoid spreading a virus. Get 8 hours of sleep starting before midnight, manage stress levels, stay relaxed and enjoy this beautiful time of year with family and friends!

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