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In our business we see everything that is touted to heal. It takes a lot of critical thinking and knowledge to weed out the legitimate claims. Even when we think we have it figured out, new information comes along. Recently something exciting was presented to us and we have to share it with our clients.

Regarding ion footbaths, it is pseudo science when people say it detoxes and that the color of the water indicates different toxins.  We are working closely with the creators of the original foot baths, the Total Charge, from Phoenix. They created specific arrays that provide the correct bioenergetic field around the cells through their foot bath.

In 2008, Dr. Marcy Purnell, PhD, APN, FNP-C found the technology in a day spa. She had a foot bath and experienced physical effects in her body that she found very intriguing and unexplainable. She was told that the technology was a detoxification but had questions as to how this technology actually accomplished these claims. Being a health care practitioner, she knew that pulling toxins through the feet was not considered to be valid science. She spoke to the inventors to inquire about how this technology worked in order to determine if it was safe and valid. As she looked at the anecdotal claims and research that had been done around the globe on the device, she decided to take the technology to the molecular laboratory.

In 2011, she approached Dr. Michael A. Whitt, Professor and Chair at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry and they began to partner in this research as her doctoral dissertation project.

Dr. Purnell just completed her PHD at the University of Tennessee in 2015.  She was able to prove that the plasma membranes of cells hyper-polarized with the Total Charge foot baths. Healthy cells have a -90 millivolt charge. Cancers cells, -30 to 0. She also looked at the genome and 1800 genes that were affected by the treatments.

We just bought one of the Total Charge Hydro Stimulation Units for our clinic. We are already seeing wonderful results with some very challenging health issues.
All cells in the body have a number of things in common. They all need water for hydration AND energy to perform their tasks. When depleted of water or energy, cells are deprived and poor health can result.
The Hydro Stimulation Unit works through the medium of water by making available extra energy that the living cells can utilize. We have all heard of special water sources around the world that are reported as having invigorating effects on the body when bathed in. These waters are naturally charged and give up these charges to the body on contact. This is the fundamental process used by the Total Charge; the transference of energy through water.
Total Charge does not treat any disease or condition; nor does it push, pull or force foreign toxins or materials from the body. When it comes to your health, take charge with total charge!

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