If Dieting Isn’t The Answer Than What Is?

An Add on Tool for Nutritionists!

Many people suffer from the roller coaster effects of dieting to achieve weight loss. They may lose pounds and inches when following the diet, but the minute they go off the weight comes back. It’s clear that dieting isn’t the answer for sustained weight loss. Holistic nutritionists can tell you that an effective diet alternative is achieving metabolic balance. This approach focuses on promoting metabolic weight loss by eating the right nutrients and making sure the body’s hormones are in balance.

What is the Metabolism?

Metabolism converts food into energy. We all need essential nutrients including proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and an array of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy metabolism. Metabolism is the chemical process that maintains life through anabolism, the chemical reactions that build muscle mass and strong bones, and catabolism, the breakdown of molecules to release energy. When our bodies are in metabolic balance, we have achieved an equilibrium between the intake of nutrients and the loss of nutrients. If the body has a positive metabolic balance, the intake of nutrients exceeds the loss, which can result in weight gain.

Achieving Metabolic Balance

The bottom line for weight loss is that if the body takes in more energy than it uses, excess energy will be stored in the body as fat. Some people lose weight more easily than others, but the fact is that everyone will lose weight if they burn more calories than they eat. Eating a balanced diet and making sure that hormones such as those secreted by the thyroid and digestion are operating at optimum levels can improve metabolic balance and contribute to weight loss.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Achieving metabolic balance is different for each person since the metabolism is highly individualized. Factors like body size, gender and age affect the metabolism. Unfortunately, these factors are beyond our control. But lifestyle adjustments such as eating the right amounts of the proper foods and exercising can have a strong impact in burning the number of calories necessary to produce weight loss. A holistic nutritionist can assess your nutritional needs and make individualized recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

With good meal planning, clean water and incorporating some fun movement into your life you can get all the components you need to contribute to your metabolic balance that can produce weight loss.

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