ASEA & Redox Signaling

ASEA & Redox Signaling

ASEA is not just natural. It’s native.

ASEA is composed of the same molecules that live in the cells of the human body. It is trillions of stable, balanced Redox Signaling Molecules, held in an immaculate saline solution.

Unknown to many, Redox Signaling is central to the function of all life; without these molecules we would die in seconds.  These molecules, which are produced within each and every one of the body’s cells, are critical for immune health and cellular healing. The healing prompted by these molecules enables damaged dying cells to be replaced by new healthy ones. However, less and less of these molecules are created after the age of 12, making ASEA vital for the maintenance of Redox Signaling molecules for the reparation of cellular health. The only 2 sources for these Redox Signaling molecules are your body and in ASEA.

What does ASEA do?

-          Enhances immune system function.

-          Protects against free radical damage, provides anti-aging benefits.

-          Is the first and only source of balanced stabilized Redox signaling molecules outside the body.

-          Supports and enhances cellular communication.

-          Provides athletic support and increased aerobic capacity.

-          Increases the body’s efficiency of antioxidants by 500%.

-          Has zero toxicity and is completely safe.

-          Is supported by clinical research and proven results.

Is ASEA Safe?

ASEA is absolutely, 100% safe. In fact, there is almost nothing as safe as it on the earth for the body.  ASEA is safer than drinking most forms of water and more than $5 million has been spent to test ASEA and its health benefits.  Studies on ASEA and its foundational technology show that it is safe for all organs, tissues, and functions within the body.

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